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Docebo Overview

What is Docebo?

Docebo is an entirely cloud-based learning management system that is so streamlined and intuitive that once you sign up you'll be publishing your own online learning system faster than you ever thought possible.

With a modern user interface that's been stripped of distractions so that you can concentrate on the most important elements of your course, Docebo is a lean and mean e-learning machine. Whether you're an individual instructor or a member of a much larger organization, the scalable nature of the Docebo system means that you'll be able to tackle your next project no matter it's size. 

One of the most refreshing aspects of the Docebo learning management system is that it comes complete, with no hidden fees or surprise charges. Better yet, it allows you unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited number of courses, and an unlimited number of users. With that kind of freedom, you might say that with Docebo, your potential is, well… unlimited.

Docebo offers a white label option, allowing you to brand your courses with your own logo, layout, fonts, and color scheme. Create a consistent feel to your training or certification courses to reinforce a sense of organizational unity or to ensure that customers understand the value of your brand.

In addition to a clean user interface that makes life easy for learners, Docebo provides the analytics and reports that make administrators smile. Track your learners’ progress and identify standout achievers as well as anyone who needs extra support. But Docebo takes progress tracking one step further. With their gamification options, the Docebo team has built an achievement structure consisting of levels, points, and badges to incent learner engagement and completion rate. Gamification is proven to make learning more enjoyable for many people, and Docebo’s use of it is one of the many reasons that they are a leader in the LMS marketplace. 


Docebo Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 5 December 2023

User-Friendly Learning Management System

Docebo actively engaged with our Learning and Development (L&D) strategy, playing a pivotal role in helping us attain our goals. The platform's user-friendly nature has facilitated a seamless integration into our processes.

  • The natural user experience (UX) eliminates the need for extensive training, promoting a straightforward learning curve.
  • A minor drawback is the absence of a course unenrollment feature
  • Including this functionality would enhance the overall flexibility of the platform, allowing users to manage their course enrollments more efficiently.

Reviewed on 1 November 2023

Empowering Learning Initiatives with Docebo

Docebo's team has proven instrumental in supporting the implementation and ongoing usage of the platform. From a transparent and helpful implementation specialist to a responsive Customer Success Manager (CSM), the support has been exemplary. The platform has enabled the organization to embark on numerous training projects, offering learners a wealth of on-demand resources and training opportunities.

  • The system's user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience for learners.
  • To enhance user satisfaction, the Docebo team may consider prioritizing improvements in reporting functionalities, especially in surveys and course ratings
  • Additionally, optimizing response times to minimize system slowdowns would contribute to an even more positive user experience.

Docebo Pricing

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Docebo Key Features

Learning Management System (LMS) Features
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Blended Learning
  • Social Learning
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
  • Examination Management
  • Certificate/Award Management
Course Management
  • Course Library
  • Course Authoring
Collaboration Tools
  • Team Calendar
  • Gamification
Docebo Features Details

Docebo Media


Docebo Wheelhouse Score

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The Average Wheelhouse score for the Learning Management Systems category is 8.4

Docebo Scores

  • Ease of Use
  • Meets Requirements
  • Learning Curve
  • Setup & Support
  • Quality of Support
  • Ease of Admin

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