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Acrotime Reviews & Overview

What is Acrotime?

Acrotime is an anytime, anywhere time and labor management suite from Acropoint. The Acrotime Workforce Management Suite provides peace of mind and enterprise-level services at a fraction of enterprise-level costs.

The Acrotime Workforce Management Suite is made up of a series of modules. At its most complete, it merges Payroll, Human Resources, and Time and Labor into one easy to use interface. At its most basic, individual modules may be used independently. Pay only for the services you need, and add or subtract modules as you see fit. Acrotime is designed to be the workforce solution you need today, and the management tool you can grow into tomorrow.

Modules include:

Time & Labor: Affordable, configurable, and user-friendly, Acrotime Time and Labor allows for detailed configuration of employee type (hourly, salary, contractor) and job costing. This lets managers use versatile pay rules to track and assign employee hours, as well as red flagging any potential conflicts or overages. Acrotime allows employee hours to synch with third party payroll companies, or the Acrotime Payroll module.

Payroll: Acrotime Workforce Management is designed to be easy to use, but don’t confuse “simple” with “simplistic.” There’s a powerful engine beneath the surface of this software, and with over 60 built-in reports, and the ability to export into any of a number of formats, you’ll be able to really dig into your company’s payroll data. But if that’s still not enough control for you, check out the Acrotime Marketplace, an ever-expanding repository of additional specialty tools that focus on everything from specific processes to security.

Scheduling: Let employees view their schedule on demand from any internet-connected computer or mobile app, and put an end to all the “When am I working next week?” phone calls. Track your historic schedules to analyze productivity peaks and valleys, and identify weaknesses in your staffing to make your organization leaner and more efficient. 


Acrotime Pricing

per user / per month
Acrotime Pricing Details

Acrotime Key Features

Support Features
  • Email Support
  • APIs
Clock-in Options
  • Timesheet
  • Mobile device
  • Modem-Based Clocks
  • Ethernet-Based Clocks
Time Capture
  • Biometric Integration
  • Timesheet Management
  • Multiple punching
  • Tracking System
Time Off Management
  • Self-service requests
  • In/Out Dashboard
  • Holidays
Overtime Management
  • Proactive email alerts
Time Approval
  • Timesheet Approval
Job Costing
  • Define/customize cost centers
  • Track time by project, task or cost center
  • Track expenses by project, task or cost center
  • Track labor costs by project, task or cost center
  • Assign pay rates by job
  • Assign pay rates by user
  • Expense Tracking
  • Pay types
  • Pay Categories
  • Pay Rules and Rates
  • Multiple Pay Periods
Reporting and Analytics
  • Automated Imports
  • Configurable Dashboard
  • Audit Trail
  • Data Export
  • Access control
  • Login Authentication
Acrotime Features Details

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