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Through their digital asset management services, IntelligenceBank offers users the ability to collaborate more easily, manage all their files, create streamlined workflows, and even ensure that your company’s workspace is branded for better navigation and integration. IntelligenceBank DAM allows users to embed files like audio, video, and images into social media and third-party platform posts, and customize sizes to the platform instantly. Embedding ensures that any time you make a change to your brand or information, all posts will update across all platforms.

IntelligenceBank DAM also utilizes a calendar planner so that your team can work together easier, seeing deadlines and conflicting schedules in one place. Within the asset management software, users can define their brand’s templates for any kind of post, so that all content has a uniform look no matter who posts it from where. You can set up email alerts to notify you of changes within your assets, and have conversations about projects and assets right in the user-interface while adding annotations or markups. All assets have metadata within the files that allows users to note ownership and usage rights.

The search function within IntelligenceBank DAM makes it easy to find any documents, no matter how large your asset library may be. You can search by titles, descriptions, contents, metadata, and other custom fields that you can define. Additionally, IntelligenceBank runs usage reports that shows you who has accessed, changed, uploaded, downloaded, or otherwise interacted with any given asset. You can also track a single user’s activity, or see activity overall at certain times or on certain days, to better understand how your team works best. The admins have full control over permissions, and even the ability to rename modules. All your assets can be used on mobile devices, and you can even use the iPad app offline, to work from anywhere.

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IntelligenceBank Features

Calendar Apps
Video Conferencing
Document Management
Video editing
Document Filing
Matter-centric filing (auto-tagging)
Workflow Management
Create custom processes
Review workflow
Approval workflow
Assignment management
Login-free access
Access to external clients or employers
Workflow automation
Version Control
Core Specialization
Digital Asset Management
Marketing Document Management
Personalized Branding
Content Types
Content & Accident Protection
Shared link controls
Team Management
Lightbox Collections
Main Admin
Team News
See all metadata inside a selected file
Reading/writing tags metadata
Automatic syncing of indexing data
Support for writing of metadata to100+ media formats
Import data from standalone photo management systems
Digital Asset Management
Marketing Operations Platform (MRM)

IntelligenceBank Pricing

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