Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a set of tools that allow system administrators across enterprise organizations to monitor, control, update and secure a wide range of mobile devices that reside across the network. MDM solutions utilize OS configuration management, application and hardware inventory management, content management, admin policy management, and remote admin functions to achieve unified remote control over all devices.

Usually part of, or integrated with endpoint security solutions, MDM solutions allow businesses to avoid the consequences of any data breach by protecting all connected devices’ apps, data, and content via stringent adherence to company data policies.

Features of MDM Solutions

Device Tracking

All devices enrolled within the MDM can be monitored using GPS and other tracking software. This protects company data if a device is lost, by enabling a remote data wipe. Suspicious activity can also be monitored to detect non-compliance. This feature can also be helpful when performing remote updates and troubleshooting.  

Remote Access and Control

Remote control tools within MDM solutions can help with unattended access to all connected devices, be it for offering support, troubleshooting any issues, or to prevent data exfiltration in the event of a breach.

Application Monitoring

Application monitoring ensures no applications that fall outside of company policies are being used across enterprise networks, while suspicious apps are blacklisted in order to prevent any future compromise.

Granular Access Permissions

MDMs can facilitate access permissions for all users accessing the network via their mobile devices, through customized access policies, SSO, and two-factor authentication.

Benefits of MDM Solutions 

Improved Efficiency

MDM solutions enable businesses to adhere to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies while not compromising security. With secure access to company networks from personal devices, employees can collaborate more efficiently from anywhere, and at any time.

Up-to-Date Device Security

With the ability to update remotely, all connected mobile devices are constantly protected with regular updates and security patches. This ensures the safety of company data, without relying on employees to update their applications and not risk leaving sensitive information vulnerable during update gaps. 


Through centralized control and bulk enrollment, MDM solutions allow businesses to scale up their cybersecurity measures by ensuring that all company devices maintain compliance.

Network Restrictions

Role-based access to various network segments can prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. MDM solutions can also prevent access to company servers when employees use their personal email IDs. This can help businesses control access to company information, and avoid sharing sensitive data. 

Enhanced Risk Mitigation

When unauthorized access or device loss is reported, the device can be locked, or data can be wiped remotely. This improves the cybersecurity posture of businesses by ensuring that company data over a stolen or lost device, will not be compromised. 

Top 10 Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software

NinjaOne / N-central / Jamf Protect / AirDroid Business / Unisys / Ivanti / Verizon Network & Cloud Security

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Starting Price:N/A
NinjaOne is a comprehensive Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform designed to empower IT professionals and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with efficient IT infrastructure management and monitoring capabilities. With a wide range of advanced features, NinjaOne simplifies the management of...
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Starting Price:N/A
N-able provides a variety of different security solutions to help you fully protect your business, from server backups, remote IT management, and all-inclusive systems for managing and protecting your business devices and data.
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Jamf Protect
Starting Price:$12 per device / per year
JAMF is a popular endpoint security and device management system introduced for Apple. It makes it easy to manage Apple devices like iPhone, Mac, Apple TV and iPad. With Jamf, IT experts can manage the lifecycle of Apple devices. This includes managing and updating software, checking for security th...
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AirDroid Business
Starting Price:$10.8 per device / per year
AirDroid Business is a robust Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution tailored for enterprises looking to streamline the management of their Android device fleets. This powerful platform offers a centralized dashboard for businesses to efficiently monitor device activity, roll out applications and u...
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Starting Price:N/A
Unisys is a multinational technology solutions company that helps organizations modernize their business applications, streamline and secure operations, and access data more efficiently with technology, software, and IT services. For over 150 years, Unisys has been innovating and transforming the bu...
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Starting Price:N/A
Ivanti offers various IT management products and technologies with its main focus on endpoint security and cloud computing. Headquartered in South Jordan Utah, Ivanti was formerly known by its founding name LANDesk which after several acquisitions was changed in 2017. It was established as an IT ass...
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Verizon Network & Cloud Security

Verizon Network & Cloud Security

Starting Price:N/A
Verizon Network Security is a software solution that provides advanced security measures to protect businesses and organizations against cyber threats. The software is designed to safeguard critical data and systems, ensuring business continuity and avoiding costly downtime.
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