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What is the best Marketing Automation Software?

Digital marketing automation software is suite of centrally-located tools and features designed to help organize and automate all different types of marketing activities, across various channels. Digital marketing automation software  tools help you run more efficient digital marketing automation software email campaigns provide the tools to help you measure success along the way, so you can be more strategic and confident in marketing. 

Digital Marketing Automation Software Tools and Features

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Mobile marketing
  • The basic features in Marketing Automation software include:
  • Email marketing
  • Landing page development
  • Lead capture and scoring
  • Lead nurturing and development
  • Central contact and marketing database
  • CRM integration capability
  • In-depth data analysis and reporting tools

Advanced Digital Marketing Automation Software Features

  • Dynamic content generation for websites
  • Multi-channel campaigns
  • Template optimization for tablet and smartphones
  • Detailed revenue reports
  • Integration with tools provided by independent software vendors (ISVs)

Marketing campaign management and marketing resource management (MRM) are also valuable MA resources that are designed to help you assess the impact of your marketing efforts and customize your strategies to reach more customers and drive higher profits through your marketing automation solutions.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Automation Solutions

  • Automation of manual marketing efforts
  • Multi-channel marketing campaigns and customer insights
  • Time and cost-savings
  • Improved insight into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and how prospects are engaging with campaigns or nurture sequences
  • Better, more qualified leads
  • Closer alignment of goals between marketing and sales teams
  • Increased ROI

Digital marketing has become extremely popular in the past few years, and customers are now very savvy to many of the marketing techniques that have worked well during the evolution of online marketing in marketing automation solutions.

Savvy consumers require a fresh and personal experience to move their purchasing decisions, particularly online where there is so much competition. You can use marketing automation solutions to streamline and automate all your regular marketing efforts. You can also integrate marketing automation solutions with your CRM tools to gain a deeper insights and continually improve marketing efforts.

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Automation Software

Choosing the right digital marketing automation software for your business is crucial to accurately tracking marketing campaigns across email, social media, website, mobile, and more. There are many marketing automation solutions available on the market, so understanding your existing marketing roadblocks and growth goals will be key in choosing a system to help improve all your marketing initiatives. 

Top 10 Marketing Automation Software

SharpSpring / Marketo Engage / SAP S/4HANA / Oracle ERP / Act! / BenchMarkONE / Ortto / Net-Results / Keap / Act-on

WH Score
Vantage CX
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Offering an all-round view of your customer, Vantage CX delivers actionable insights with a variety of analytics tools – ranging from instant updates to predictive modeling. Understand what makes your customers tick by mapping every step of their journey, by monitoring different behaviors as w...
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Meet Bloomreach Experience Manager. The open and flexible CMS built to drive results fast. With Bloomreach, you can quickly create, test, and customize targeted, on-brand digital experiences that make every product shine and sell.
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Starting Price:$0 / user / per month
Trusted by users in over 175 countries, SimplyCast is a marketing automation tool which offers end-to-end management of all your campaigns across 15+ communication channels. From SMS to email, track all omnichannel marketing operations from a single platform, while customizing campaigns to suit user...

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What is Marketing Automation Software?

Marketing Automation software is a suite of tools for creating, running, and automating marketing efforts across various channels like email, social media, and ads. Marketing automation software reduces the amount of manual work required to run effective marketing campaigns. These systems also provide marketing analytics to help customize campaigns and make every marketing campaign more strategic. 

What are Examples of Marketing Automation?

Some examples of marketing automation include:

  • Welcome emails or series to introduce new or prospective customers to your brand
  • Birthday emails with special discounts or rewards
  • VIP email series to inform customers about new products, special sales, or promotions for loyal, repeat customers
  • Reengagement campaigns to bring past customers back or convert potential customers who’ve yet to buy
  • Customer feedback requests or surveys
  • Emails sharing reviews and inviting customers to leave a product review for something they’ve purchased
  • Reminder emails 

What is Digital Marketing Automation?

Digital marketing automation is a set of tools and processes that help improve marketing campaigns run online or digitally by email, online ads, social media, and website traffic. Digital marketing automation software helps streamline marketing campaigns across various digital channels and provides tools to automate many of these activities and eliminate manual marketing efforts. 

What is Marketing Automation and How Does it Work?

Marketing automation is a system for organizing, automating, and measuring marketing campaigns across various channels. Marketing automation software works by automating marketing campaigns and sending emails or ads to specific customers based on their behavior and interaction with your business. 

Using customer behavior data, marketing automation software can gauge lead interest levels and identify which types of marketing campaigns are generating the most activity. This data is then used to tweak campaigns to be more personalized to customer behavior or expand campaigns that are working well. 

Integrating marketing automation software with your CRM software can help track lead and customer engagement with marketing efforts and funnel people into new campaigns, nurturing efforts, or provide personalized methods for ongoing customer relationship building. 

What is the Difference Between Sales Automation and Marketing Automation?

The difference between sales automation and marketing automation is that marketing automation software is used to help grow a customer base and nurture potential and existing customers, while sales automation is about tracking and scoring leads and closing deals or sales with leads who’ve been funneled through marketing channels.

Sales automation and marketing automation software work well when integrated, and modern marketing automation software can typically be integrated with CRM systems and sales automation tools. 

What are the Most Common Features of Marketing Automation Software?

The most common features of Marketing Automation software include:

  • Email Marketing & Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing & Campaigns
  • Landing Pages
  • Forms
  • Lead Nurturing Campaigns
  • Lead Lifecycle Management
  • CRM Integration
  • Reporting & Analytics

What are the Benefits of Marketing Automation Software?

The benefits of Marketing Automation software are:

  • Automation of manual marketing efforts
  • Multi-channel marketing campaigns and customer insights
  • Time and cost-savings
  • Improved insight into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and how prospects are engaging with campaigns or nurture sequences
  • Better, more qualified leads
  • Closer alignment of goals between marketing and sales teams
  • Increased ROI

Who Uses Marketing Automation?

Marketing teams use marketing automation software the most, but other teams or individuals within a company typically also rely on marketing automation functions or reports, including:

  • Sales Teams
  • Executives
  • B2B Business Owners

What are the Challenges with Marketing Automation?

The challenges with marketing automation include:

  • Poor lead conversions
  • Inefficiency in marketing strategies or campaigns
  • No insight into why a marketing campaign is a success or a failure
  • Low customer engagement
  • Poor customer retention
  • Misaligned goals between sales and marketing teams
  • Failure to meet revenue goals 

Who Should Use Marketing Automation?

Marketing teams and executives should use marketing automation software. However, sales teams, executives, and business owners can also use the insights from marketing automation to align goals between sales and marketing, improve conversions, and drive customer loyalty. 

What Should I Look for in Marketing Automation Software?

You should look for the following features and functionality in a marketing automation software:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Multi-channel marketing automation features
  • Key integrations for CRM or sales automation
  • Training and customer support
  • Pricing plans and features
  • Reviews and testimonials 
  • Implementation requirements and timeline
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