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We determine our Usability Metrics by using our powerful proprietary machine learning algorithm. Our data is updated frequently and we work hard on correcting any skewed metrics.

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We calculate our Rating by using real reviews written by people who used the software products directly. You can find out more by checking our Methodology Page. The Average score for the Time and Attendance category is 3.99.

  • The site works almost all the time.

  • We have never had any complaints.

  • The functionality is adequate for our needs.

  • Our employees log in their hours and manage the rest of the work related to the distribution of work time between jobs and all the necessary details.

  • The functionality is usually strong and dependable.

  • There is no jamming, jittering or inexplicable logouts.

  • Sometimes, an employee may log in twice if there is a delay though.

  • You can manage PTO benefits without problems.

  • The customer service is generally very responsive and can help with the information or in the resolution of any issue.

  • We have had minor conflicts with processing times due to the site update but that has usually been in the odd hours.

  • At times, some of our staff work long hours and they try to do some things that may take longer than usual.

  • This is not a site issue.

  • There are the web related delays and then the fact that our office is supposed to be closed during the normal site maintenance hours at night.

  • The user interface needs updating.

  • Setting up a user is a bit time-consuming process.

  • The number of features makes it a little complex.

  • A combination of these minor concerns leaves some users in confusion.

Top Favorable Review
  • It seems a bit old fashioned.

  • Functions are good but the interface needs improvement.

  • I switched from another app to TimeIPS.

  • I did it only because of its great reporting feature.

Top Critical Review

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