How to Buy a Business Phone Solution for the Distributed Workforce

Maintain the productivity of geographically dispersed teams with the right technologies!

The modern workforce is rapidly changing. With the frequency of worker telecommuting growing at an astonishing rate, it is clear that managers and CEOs must alter their business models and systems to accommodate remote and mobile employees.

Read our new paper to gain valuable advice on how to buy to the right technology to make these transitions and boost the productivity and happiness of your workforce. Make this evolution easier with an in-depth analysis of what to for in the most used business technologies and find the right solution for your needs:

Our guide helps you define what to look for in:

   •   Business VoIP
   •   Mobile CRM
   •   Remote ERP
   •   Business Intelligence

Adapting to new work patterns isn’t easy, so make sure to get all the information you can!

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