The Buyer's Guide to Password Management Enterprise

At its core, identity and access management (IAM) refers to a combination of technology and policies that ensures people in a business have the right level of access to organizational resources for their role. An IAM ecosystem helps IT securely manage employee identities so that when someone tries to access a resource, the solution confirms that the user is authorized to access said resource before successfully authenticating. Equally important is the ability to deprovision – or remove access – when an employee leaves the organization or changes roles.

For businesses embracing the cloud, identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) is a type of IAM offering that uses single sign-on (SSO), enterprise password management (EPM), authentication factors, and access controls to securely connect employees to the tools needed to do their work.

Single sign-on only requires employees to remember one set of credentials, while replacing the rest with a behind-the-scenes protocol called SAML 2.0. A password manager from LastPass helps a user store, manage and protect any passwords that can’t be replaced with SSO. Users only remember one master password that grants access to the portal that connects them to all their apps and services.

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