The Art of Empowering Agents and Supervisors for CX Success

Revolutionize your CX success with Enlighten—the ultimate companion in creating outstanding customer experiences, agent fulfillment, and a future-proof strategy. Embrace the art of empowering employees with AI to transform customer interactions today!

Use this guide from NICE to learn why Enlighten is the trusted employee companion with:

  • Insights and AI-generated guidance to empower agents and supervisors
  • Automatic summaries that provide precise performance data for optimized training
  • Automating routine tasks, to increase productivity and satisfaction
  • Real-time feedback and coaching through AI analytics enhance agents' skills
  • Accurate CX information ensures consistent, exceptional customer service

Amplify your workforce’s skill and capacity with Enlighten Copilot.

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Does Google Have Something Like Microsoft Planner?

Does Google Have Something Like Microsoft Planner?

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