New Phone System Cost Estimator for Serious Buyers Only

When purchasing a phone system for your business, you only want to pay for the features your team is actually going to use. Yet, you also want to pay enough today to guard against unplanned expenses in the future as your business changes or grows. The key is to get a handle on your total cost of ownership for the system as well as cost per employee, or user.

To begin, it’s essential to be crystal clear about your business needs before you start talking to vendors. Additional features can dramatically alter your pricing, so thinking your usage needs through ahead of time can save you a lot money over the long-term. The clearer you are about your specific needs, the more accurate vendors can be when providing you with price quotes, and the easier it will be for you to comparison shop.

New Phone System Cost Estimator | Serious Buyers Only!

With this guide learn about:

  • Differences between a Base System or Cabinet phone system
  • What kind of features will various employees require
  • Installation and Maintenance costs
  • Features and Add-ons
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