More for Your Money With the Cove Data Protection Plan

While most business owners understand the need for server backup, and are often willing to pay for backups of their most critical workstations, you may have some customers with tighter budgets. For these customers, or for other customers’ less critical workstations, Cove Documents is a great solution.

Documents requires no configuration. It’s a lightweight, automated way to protect business documents on laptops or workstations. Backups are run twice a day, and automatically retained for 28 days, giving you up to 56 restore points. With Cove Documents, the system state is not backed up, but files, including Microsoft Office™, QuickBooks®, and Visio®, are found and backed up, no matter where they are located on the workstation. A full list of supported file types is available here.

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What are the Advantages of a VoIP Contact Center?

What are the Advantages of a VoIP Contact Center?

Learn about the advantages of a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) contact center and compare features, ratings, and pricing for the top VoIP contact center systems.
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