Marketing Technology Outlook, 2019 Trends

Regardless of company size, success and growth are all about using the right tools the right way. Companies have never had more digital marketing tools available to them than they do today. But these tools and tactics continue to rapidly advance, from leveraging loyalty programs to developing user-generated content, creating more effective emails without straining resources, the rise of alternative messaging channels, how artificial intelligence can transform SEO, the increase of “buy now, pay later” payment solutions, and using motion to build ecommerce loyalty.

This marketing technology outlook guide will cover the aforementioned tools and topics our partners see as those that will move the marketing needle forward in 2019. Take a look at these solutions and let us know on the Oracle Bronto Facebook page how you see email marketing and ecommerce evolving in the upcoming year.

Marketing Automation

How to Use Lead Management Software to Convert Leads into Sales

How to Use Lead Management Software to Convert Leads into Sales

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