Lean Content Marketing

Content is king. If you’re a modern marketer, you know why—it is the fuel for your lead generation and nurturing programs, driving leads through your funnel to become customers.

But getting your content machine up and running is tough. Many marketers, in both large organizations and small, lack the budget, resources, and time to implement a content strategy that can truly drive leads through all stages of the funnel.

Luckily, by learning to leverage the resources you already have and doing more with less, even marketers with limited resources can start to create the content needed to fuel demand.

Download this ebook to discover:

 •  How to craft the perfect content team—whether you have devoted content positions, or adding content to your existing team
 •  How to encourage and reward content creation throughout your entire organization
 •  How to plan content that is mapped to buyer journeys and personas
 •  How to slice and dice your content, to get the most mileage out of your investment
 •  How to come up with that million-dollar content idea—and then come up with another!

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Marketing Automation

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Does Google Have Something Like Microsoft Planner?

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