How CRM Improves the Way We Nurture Leads

Do you know that 50% of leads are qualified to purchase but not ready to buy? Are you aware that 80% of these reluctant buyers eventually commit within 24 months?

If not, you may be losing a lot of revenue or worse still, handing leads on a silver platter to your competitors. Lead nurturing is the process by which prospects that aren’t ready to invest right away are kept engaged and interactive with the help of informative and educational content. And that's where an efficient CRM solution becomes critical!

Our white paper takes a look at:

  • The best practices of lead nurturing
  • The critical difference between MQL and SQL, and how to elicit co-operation between your sales and marketing departments
  • How a CRM is critical to implementing a successful nurturing strategy
  • And much more!

Improve your lead nurturing strategies with the right CRM system! >>>


The Value of CRM Solutions For Small Business Vs Enterprise

The Value of CRM Solutions For Small Business Vs Enterprise

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