How to Drive B2B Commerce Success Today

Organizations with a competitive advantage, understand that B2B buyers expect consistent omni-channel experiences, 24/7 self-service access and accurate information via any device.

So what are some of the best organizations doing to offer their buyers seamless opportunities to buy, regardless of the complexity of back-end systems, at every stage of the customer journey?

This eBook provides real-life examples of how five companies have significantly enhanced their commerce capabilities to grow their business and customer retention through delivering exceptional omni-channel customer experiences. 

Read this eBook to learn how these organizations: 

 •  Built a multi-channel B2B e-commerce platform to allow supply orders outside of normal working hours
 •  Consolidated all of their websites onto one global platform to streamline back-end processes
 •  Enhanced web and e-commerce tools to include mobile and social touch points

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Does Google Have Something Like Microsoft Planner?

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