Desktop Video Conferencing: Re-Shaping Business Interactions

Desktop Video Conferencing. Fad? Outdated concept? Failed experiment in your company? These may be your experiences with desktop video conferencing. Things have changed: desktop video conferencing is shaping the future of face-to-face business interactions.

In this guide chock-full of informative tried and true data, our video conferencing expert gives you the rundown on the state of desktop video conferencing. We'll give you all the details, the good and the bad, and a look into the future of desktop conferencing. Find out exactly how desktop video conferencing can be the right communication choice for your company. Read on to discover:

  • Key Issues with VC
  • How Companies Actually use VC
  • Challenges to and Support for Desktop Video Conferencing
  • And much more!

Video Conferencing

The Importance of Conducting Virtual Events in Business

The Importance of Conducting Virtual Events in Business

Learn more about all the steps on how to create an excellent virtual event using video conferencing software and create more user engagement for business. 
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