Demystifying AI: Creating an AI partnership that maximizes business results

There is a lot of publicity around how technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning help companies automate their processes to reduce efforts and errors. But it can be difficult to see how those solutions fit into your business model. Every leader uses specific objectives and key business metrics to gauge success. Often, how well they meet those objectives defines their professional reputations. And whether they reach those targets or not, they must understand reasons for success or failure to drive desired business outcomes more effectively and efficiently. This can be a challenge. People put a lot of faith in the power of intuition, gut feelings and “human hypothesis.” As you search for information, you’re forced to become a data wrangler—turning mountains of big data into insights and decisions. That requires a lot of time, effort and cost—and it’s still susceptible to human error. And every day, customers demand new ways to connect with you, making it exponentially more complicated to continually drive improvements in efficiency, revenue and customer satisfaction. AI can help you overcome these challenges to meet business objectives. This white paper offers
insights and examples of how companies can leverage Blended AI by Genesys to drive business outcomes. You’ll also see how to use existing foundational technologies to get started.

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Does Google Have Something Like Microsoft Planner?

Does Google Have Something Like Microsoft Planner?

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