Customer Engagement Beyond Borders

If you are looking for another “global” research report—that actually covers only four countries—to guide your customer engagement strategy, or a study that finds (surprise, surprise) that customers want exactly what the vendor has to sell, then this is not the report for you.

If, however, you want to understand how consumers around the world want to engage with businesses—which channels they prefer
and in which circumstances, their major frustrations, and differences—you’ve come to the right place.

We are living in a time of head-spinning change. Everywhere you look there is disruption and upheaval—and that was even before Covid-19 swept across the world. But one thing that hasn’t changed is this: companies must listen to their customers and engage with them effectively if they are to achieve customer experience success.

This means not just getting the messages right, but also the mode of communication. If anything, this has become more critical than
ever before as consumers switch to digital engagement in a pandemic world. Vonage surveyed 5,000 consumers across 14 countries to produce this study, The Global Customer Engagement Report, 2020. It breaks the collected consumer data down by country, region, gender, age, and channel to help guide your decisions around customer experience.

To summarize the key finding in one sentence: there is no silver bullet to customer engagement.

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