Contact Centers on a Budget

Contact Centers are often the front line of a business, where a company’s representatives repeatedly seek to address the questions and concerns of its customers. However, in today’s competitive market climate, business always have to find new ways to be more productive and more cost-efficient. Our new whitepaper considers several innovative techniques to both reduce costs and increase the profitability of your contact center, serving as an aid for making potentially stressful budgeting decisions. Several concepts and considerations discussed are:

  •  Switching to a SaaS Model
  •  Encouraging Telecommuting
  •  Using Self-Service

These steps and other should help reduce costs and improve efficiency in Contact Centers.

Contact Center

Contact Center Reporting: What Should You Be Measuring?

Contact Center Reporting: What Should You Be Measuring?

Learn more about how businesses are using contact center reporting features to improve customer satisfaction and customer service in their contact centers. 
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