Baseball and Business Intelligence

The operational and financial data of a business is incredibly valuable. Unfortunately, many companies struggle to capture this value either because their data is spread across multiple systems, making it hard to access, or because they don’t have effective analytical tools (or both). As a result, they miss opportunities to improve performance and grow their business.

Contrast this with Major League Baseball, where data is used to scout players, manage lineups and much, much more. Professional baseball teams not only have access to vast amounts of real-time data, they also have powerful analytics solutions to help them make the most of it. This has literally changed the game, giving executives, managers and players the information they need when they need it. The results speak for themselves: better pitching, more runs scored and more wins.

Wouldn’t it be great if working with business data could be just as easy as it is for major league teams?

With NetSuite Business Intelligence, it can be.

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The Key Differences Between ERP Accounting Software

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