4 Things to Consider When Considering a Cloud Fax Model

A majority of U.S. corporations have transitioned their communication infrastructure to IP networking—primarily for voice (VoIP), but also videoconferencing, instant messaging, and other applications. The cost savings, productivity enhancements, simplified administration, and other benefits of IP make this migration a sound business strategy—with one possible exceptions…fax.

Fax technology is an area of business that many organizations are still dependent on—but in today’s tech-centric marketplace eliminating bulky in-office machines is a must. Discover how a cloud fax solution that not only securely receives, signs, stores and sends faxes conveniently via e-mail, but improves your unified communications.

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The Essential Components of CRM for Business Success

The Essential Components of CRM for Business Success

Learn more about the crucial components of CRM that help businesses earn more in revenue while managing relationships with their existing customer base. 
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