Amazon’s ingenious supply chain management system – and a lesson or two we can all learn from it

Driven by a constant eagerness to automate company-wide operations, Amazon’s innovative initiatives have set an example for numerous companies to follow suit. As the tech giant surpassed a $1 trillion net worth this year, there is a thing or two we can all learn from such tremendous success; what is it that Amazon is embracing, which is contributing to the outcomes it is reaping today?

Founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has perpetually been at the forefront of applying the most advanced technology to increase efficiency, customer service and eventually help bottom line growth. Being an eCommerce-focused company, Amazon heavily relies on a streamlined Supply Chain Management system to deliver its orders accurately, and on time.

Likewise, its warehouses (known as Fulfillment Centers) and distribution offices are equipped with robots that are capable of carrying entire aisles from one point to another. With Fulfillment Centers spanning millions of square feet, this is a boon for a corporation that needs to process thousands of orders on any given day.

This infographic demonstrates just how massive Amazon’s Supply Chain Network is, and shows how the organization manages every step in its intricate delivery process - without a hiccup.

amazon supply chain


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