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What is Zeek?

Corelight is hugely popular in network defense structures because of its evidence-based usage and outstanding analytics. Corelight Inc. is a company founded in 2013. The company is designed to strengthen network defenders.  Corelight has helped many enterprises ensure their network safety through reaching informed decisions and implementing them to the tee. If you are facing network security issues and hunting for ways to prioritize network security, Corelight has solutions and expertise for your needs.

What is Corelight Used For?

Enterprises have shifted their businesses to digital automating workflows and establishing their privately-owned networks. These networks ensure brilliant functionality and productivity. However, many enterprises and even individuals suffer from ominous signs of network security. With everything operating online, there are risks of leakage of private business information that can result in losses of millions and billions. Therefore, it is important to ensure prioritized network security.

Corelight is used by enterprises and private businesses to get rid of all the worries surrounding network security. It provides exemplary network defense features helping to detect and deal with potential security breaches. 

Using Network Detection and Response (NDR), Corelight ensures early detection of malicious activity and profound and effective response to it. Corelight is used for ensuring cybersecurity which is often at risk in today's age. It helps enterprises and experts gain knowledge surrounding network traffic and detection of questionable traffic. Although it serves as a problem-solver itself, it also equips industry experts with the knowledge of detecting malicious network activity through its detailed insights and analytics. Therefore, it is also a perfect case study to increase knowledge about network security. 

What are the Main Corelight Features? 

It is important to reflect on the features of the service you acquire for network security because it is an integral part of your business setup often relaying a business into progress or downslide. Corelight offers commendable features to its users that practically contribute to the strengthening of network defense. 

The real-time visibility feature of Corelight is highly important as it allows you to keep an eye on all the users signed in to your network and their activity through a simplified dashboard. Through this, you can gain access to DNS Responses, file hatches, SSL Certificate details, and user-agent strings. The analytical capability of Corelight makes it stand out from the crowd. Moreover, its alerts and notifications against suspicious activity make it a responsive platform that plays into its favor. 

What are the Top Corelight Benefits? 

Corelight through its network defense features benefits the users immensely by securing their network. The main benefits of Corelight include:

  • A secure network that makes your business details safe
  • Reliable analytics
  • Helps in reaching informed decisions
  • Adds to network security knowledge
  • Ensures top-notch cybersecurity
  • Amazing display

How Much Does Corelight Cost?

Corelight has varying costs for physical appliances and VM or cloud deployment. The costs for physical appliances are greater than for cloud deployment and VM. Physical appliances services are charged monthly on a fixed pricing plan whereas the VM or cloud deployment services are determined per Gbps. 

Company:Corelight, Inc.

Zeek Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 30 December 2023

Corelight offers a user-friendly interface and open-source accessibility.

My favorite features of Corelight are its open-source nature and ease of usage, which enable the creation of unique Zeek packages. But I wish Fleet Manager had more capabilities, such sensor health alerting, exportable data, and multi-tenancy. As an MSSP, Corelight closes the gaps created by EDR products to improve our clients' security posture.

  • Straightforward and easy to use and effective in improving security posture and bridging the gap on what an EDR tool cannot see .
  • Multi-tenant support, exportable reporting, and sensor health alerting were missing features.

Reviewed on 30 December 2023

Powerful tool for comprehensive traffic analysis and monitoring

A key component of my daily work is Corelight, a centralized management tool that offers network visibility. It's a really user-friendly application that has helped me solve a lot of difficulties and streamline my process.

  • Centralized administration and user friendly interface.
  • None.

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Zeek Key Features

Cybersecurity Features
  • Network Security
  • Firewall
  • Encryption
  • Filtering
  • Attack Surface Monitoring
  • Threat Hunting
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Incident Response & Remediation
  • Log Management
Network Management
  • Network Discovery
  • Network Control
  • Network Tunnels
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
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