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What is Tanda?

Put an end to wasteful, tedious paper timesheets with Tanda time and attendance software! Tanda is a cloud-based system that takes the time-consuming work of employee clock-in and attendance tracking and turns it into a seamless, automated, almost hands-free procedure.

Why tie yourself and your employees to a physical time clock that’s trapped in a single location and saddled with technology that’s outdated as soon as it’s deployed? Discover the freedom that comes with anytime, anywhere clocking and time tracking software. Bring your company into the 21st century with Tanda!

One of the most exciting HR software solutions to emerge from Australia, Tanda is dialed-in on finding the most efficient, effective ways to collect, process, and manage employee time data. The very name “Tanda” comes from “Time And Attendance,” and their dedication to this segment is reflected from the name down to the smallest of details. This laser focus means that Tanda’s software doesn’t fall prey to the kind of bloat that slows down other solutions that try to be everything to everybody.

Tanda’s single-click payroll export accurately calculates any combination of workforce pay rates, including any overtime or penalties. Forget about all the minute details of your wage calculations—Tanda has a “set it and forget it” simplicity. But don’t be fooled! Underneath its user-friendly interface is one of the fastest and most robust engines in the time and attendance industry.

Between Tanda’s clocking solutions, scheduling, and payroll integration, the benefits to client organizations has been astonishing. Tanda clients report an average of 4 percent savings in their labor costs, as time clocking eliminates inaccurate entries and buddy-punches. Management time savings are just as impressive, as some clients have seen payroll processing drop from two hours to less than 5 minutes, start to finish. And to top it all off, Tanda boasts a 100 percent user satisfaction rate. If you’re ready to save time, money, and have a customer service experience that won’t make you tear your hair out, then you need to talk to Tanda!


Tanda Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 25 October 2023

Valuable Asset for Small Businesses

Tanda serves as an effective tool for small businesses and freelance contractors. It fulfills the essential functions required for tracking time and managing contractor payments.

  • An effective tool for managing time and payroll in the context of small businesses and freelance contractors.
  • An improved UX/UI could further elevate the platform's usability.

Reviewed on 23 October 2023

User-Friendly Scheduling

The software's layout is incredibly intuitive and efficiently organized, making it a breeze to use. Setting up the software is straightforward, and the integration process is refreshingly simple.

  • The support team goes above and beyond to assist with any concerns or questions, ensuring users feel supported and confident in utilizing the software.
  • Convincing the executive team to adopt it might be challenging if they're not aware of successful implementations in other teams or organizations.

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Tanda Key Features

Attendance Management
  • Timesheets
  • Time Off Management
Human Resources (HR) Features
  • Employee Onboarding/Offboarding
Reporting & Analytics
  • Time Tracking
  • Payroll Reports
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