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SAP Concur Expense Overview

What is SAP Concur Expense?

SAP Concur Expense stands out as a premier cloud-based expense management software, relied upon by over 50 million users globally. It empowers businesses of all sizes to handle expense reporting and enhance financial management efficiently.

Real-Time Expense Capture and Categorization

A standout feature is its real-time expense capture and categorization capability. Employees can effortlessly capture receipts through their mobile devices, with the software automatically extracting vital details like date, amount, and vendor. This eliminates manual data entry, minimizing errors and fraudulent claims. After capturing expenses, SAP Concur Creation And

Submission Of Expense Reports

The software computes reimbursement amounts based on company policies and can flag policy violations. This ensures compliance with company guidelines and reduces time spent on manual review.

Expense Tracking

Furthermore, the software grants managers immediate access to their team's expenses. They can efficiently review and approve reports, track spending trends, and uncover cost-saving opportunities, allowing for informed budget management.

Software Integrations

Additionally, SAP Concur Expense seamlessly integrates with other financial systems, including accounting software and ERP systems. This enables smooth data transfer, eliminating manual entry and ensuring data accuracy. SAP Concur Expense offers a comprehensive expense management solution, enabling businesses to save time, cut costs, and enhance financial oversight.

Its intuitive interface, real-time visibility, and integration capabilities make it a trusted choice for businesses seeking to streamline expense management processes.


SAP Concur Expense Pricing

SAP Concur Expense
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SAP Concur Expense Pricing Details

SAP Concur Expense Key Features

Expense Management
  • Expense Allocation
  • Scan & Upload Receipts
  • Approve/Reject Fund Requests
  • Spend Limits
  • Per Diem Rates
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Itinerary Management
Cash Flow Management
  • Billing Model Management
  • Budget Management
Accounting Features
  • Invoicing & Billing
SAP Concur Expense Features Details

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