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What is Qlik?

Qlik Business Intelligence is the best-in-class self-service Business Intelligence tools and guided analytics. It is a commercial Business Intelligence platform, which has attained rapid success over the past few years, making it the first BI floating for several years. The Qlik View’s user-driven method to BI mainly focuses on ease-or-use for both non-technical users and IT professionals.

This suite is different from other BI platforms in that, it is totally based on an in-memory data store. By using in-memory rather than the traditional disk storage, the BI app can top-up data in present time to support functioning BI environments such as tracking financial transactions.

Qlik View, presently on version 10, offers a set of integrated tools outlined for developing high interactive reports, apps and dashboards. Moreover, it can integrate data from different sources including SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, Excel and Salesforce.com. Qlik View is easy to use and has intuitive interface.

Qlik Sense makes visual dashboard development easy and intuitive. It also makes it simple to search the data so you can comprehend what is happening and why. Qlik Sense allows you to ask questions, follow your instinct, easily navigate huge amounts of data from several sources, then share your findings visually and precisely with other users either directly or via the cloud.

Qlik Analytics Platform is easy to use and it offers your business a powerful, competitive edge. From simple mash-ups, with only a few selected charts, to more compound integrated web apps, Qlik Analyst Platform allows you to embed visual analytics anywhere regardless of your device, access to QIX (Qlik Associative Indexing Engine), and use open and modern APIs.

You can employ standard analytics development environment to generate and reutilize security configurations, data models and visualizations. The QIX engine lets you structure your own solutions above the same core engine utilized to develop Qlik products.


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  • Its features and customization are fabulously great.
  • To use QlikView app, you need some IT skills.

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