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What is Pyramid Analytics?

Pyramid Analytics offers BI business intelligence platform, which is a web-based tool that is centered on governed data discovery and that functions within the Microsoft BI Suite. BI Office is recognizable for its governed data discovery method, meaning, an entire analytics spectrum and data discovery tools are accessible within a single location. 

BI Office operates with three distinct, but linked platforms: the ‘bioPoint’ interface which is for dashboards and stories, the ‘bioXL’ interface that mainly focuses on analytics and data discovery, and the ‘bioWriter’ interface which is for publishing and report dispensation. By merging all the three interfaces into one platform, Pyramid Analytics has developed a very systematic and productive BI tool.

There is a fourth interface called ‘bioMiner, which is affiliated for data mining purposes.

The most prominent features of Pyramid Analytics BI include Cloud and Mobile BI offerings. The Mobile web-based interface includes native applications for Windows 8.1, iOS, WinRT and Android. It enables users to retrieve their data anywhere and anytime. Since mobility is essential in the Pyramid scheme and an inherent part of the BI Office set-up, it works much more naturally and cleanly.

Pyramid Cloud BI assists companies solve infrastructure issues by allowing active self-service BI and increasing analytic potentials. Cloud BI which complements Mobile offering, helps Power BI end users to be much more flexible in how and from where they retrieve their information. Elastic server hosting simply means that data delivery is fast and efficient, while sustaining the speed required for on-going insights.

The Mobile BI allows users to conduct several analytic functions while on the move, such as slicing and drilling down data and viewing large volumes of data. Pyramid Analytics works with organizations of all aspects. However, it has a strong hold in the higher education market.

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  • Forecasting
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  • Business intelligence is indispensable for manipulating and interpreting large data.
  • A little prior knowledge is mandatory to use it properly.

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