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What is Password Manager Pro?

ManageEngine offers a suite of IT management software which is used to manage users’ data, monitor servers of the organization, manage passwords to secure passwords all in one place and many more. The company has a range of products and tools for networks, data centers, LANs and security. 

ManageEngine has a specialized tool for protecting passwords known as the Password Manager Pro. 

What is ManageEngine Password Management Used For?

Data breaches are increasing day by day, making enterprises vulnerable to cybersecurity issues. Password management has become crucial to protecting the confidential data of companies, including passwords and digital documents.

In enterprises, a Password management tool is primarily used for storing, managing and securing passwords. It can automate the process of updating passwords in systems, thus saving the time of IT professionals and improving their productivity. Users can securely share the passwords with the team members. It also allows end-users to limit access to applications based on job roles. Moreover, the user can get an entire record of the actions regarding password changes. 

What Features Does Manage Engine Password Management Offer?

Manage Engine’s Password management tool offers a list of features such as a centralized password vault, access controls, password ownership, automated password resets and many more.

The centralized repository allows users to store and manage passwords and accounts for the company. There is a feature that allows the selective sharing of passwords. Restrictions are implemented based on the defined roles of users. Passwords can also be reset automatically through scheduled tasks. Strong passwords are only encouraged to use to ensure maximum security. You can use the tool for several popular applications like databases, network devices etc. 

Passwords can be quickly retrieved for connecting with other apps, eliminating the need for hard-coded passwords. Users can easily take remote access connection via telnet and automatically log in without having to copy the passwords from the Password Management tool.

Passwords stored by the tool are encrypted using the latest security protocol.  You can also enable two-factor authentication for accessing the application’s interface. Using PMP, you can schedule for live backup that is useful for data recovery. If you don’t have an internet connection, you can easily retrieve passwords offline. 

How Much Does ManageEngine Password Management Cost?

You can get a quote for ManageEngine’s enterprise tool via their website. The free edition has only one administrator and is suitable for managing up to 10 resources and the rest of the options can be customized and scaled to your business needs. 

Company:ManageEngine (Owned by Zoho)

Password Manager Pro Pricing

Standard Edition
per user / per month
Password Manager Pro Pricing Details

Password Manager Pro Key Features

  • Centralized Console
  • Segmentation/Grouping
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • User Provisioning/Deprovisioning
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Session Management
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
Third-Party Integrations
  • Azure
  • Active Directory
  • Azure
Password Management
  • Password Rotation
  • Password Cracking
  • Password Strength Check
  • Vault
  • Password Generator
Password Manager Pro Features Details

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