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NOVAtime Reviews & Overview

What is NOVAtime?

NOVAtime’s customizable Time and Attendance solution automates routine tasks and helps managers optimize their labor pool with detailed reports and consolidated information that’s never more than a screen-glance away.

One of the stars of the NOVAtime Time and Attendance package is the dashboard. A central clearinghouse for status info on your workforce, the dashboard allows your managers to act on that information as it comes in, rather than making a note of it and moving on. Robust out of the box, the NOVAtime dashboard is even more powerful once it’s been configured to match your needs.

Flexibility: NOVAtime Time and Attendance allows for data collection from devices as diverse as swipe cards, biometric time clocks, desktop computers, telephones, and mobile apps. And once you’ve collected all that timesheet info and are ready to process payroll, NOVAtime interfaces with over 300 third-party payroll solutions.

Timesheet Editing & Approvals: Employee timesheets display all punches in the given time period, along with any attendance exceptions (such as late/early clock-in). This same data is gathered and displayed on the supervisor dashboard, making any corrections quick and intuitive. Set alarms so that your administrative team is notified of events such as leave requests, punch time irregularities, or absenteeism.

Self-Service Portals: By giving your employees access to the system, NOVAtime frees you from dealing with frequently asked questions and endless schedule checks. With separate permissions and web-services for administrators, supervisors, and employees, you can provide a portal for requests about time off or overtime and eliminate worries about an employee accidentally gaining access to an inappropriate section of the system. NOVAtime routes any employee exception requests to the appropriate manager for approval. NOVAtime Time and Attendance supports up to 10 approval steps, so you can say goodbye to trying to figure out whose sign-off is needed for what requests. 


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NOVAtime Key Features

Time Capture
  • Overtime Calculation
  • Shift Rotation
  • Shift Scheduling
  • Attendance marking
  • Time and Attendance
  • Detailed Attendance Reports
  • Multiple punching
  • Shift Swap
Time Off Management
  • Advanced Leave
  • Holiday Sets
Overtime Management
  • Track overtime vs regular hours
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NOVAtime Reviews

Pros & Cons Preview
  • The ability to know the amount of time available, the number of sick people, and the remaining comp time as the software monitors my utilization of time.
  • It is time consuming as running any report on the go is impossible-you must generate every report.
  • It is also time consuming and redundant since I have to key in all staff details into the payroll system and thereafter into Novatime due to the absence of a link-unless we carry out a file download at the end of a payroll period, this time card system doesn’t connect to our payroll system.

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The Average Usability score for the Time and Attendance category is 7.6

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