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NetSPI Overview

What is NetSPI?

NetSPI is a leading penetration testing software company. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, NetSPI has a total of 220 employees and generates $9.92 million in sales which is a reflection of its success. NetSPI carries out detailed penetration testing to mark out the vulnerabilities in networks.

However, the company doesn't stop at this. It offers services of vulnerability management which makes it a wonderful cybersecurity option. It mainly focuses on cybersecurity threats faced by organizational networks. Due to its effectiveness, NetSPI is renowned as the leading penetration testing platform.

What is NetSPI Used For?

Networks often face vulnerabilities that can harm their security and propel security breaches. Management of these vulnerabilities manually is a daunting task because it does not only require management knowledge but an immense workforce to offload the team. Manual vulnerability management can result in a heavy workload that can cause burnout. Some enterprises conduct vulnerability management on their own but their solutions aren't as effective as automated vulnerability management enterprises because they're not based on analytical evidence and organized databases. NetSPI is a company that offers penetration testing and vulnerability management services.

Before vulnerability management, it is important to mark the vulnerabilities faced by an organizational network. For this, enterprises acquire penetration testing services of NetSPI that are its strong offerings. NetSPI conducts detailed penetration testing ensuring that the results are based on analytical and theoretical evidence that can lead to the right transformational steps. After penetration testing, the experts of NetSPI are trusted with vulnerability management due to their expertise and knowledge in the field. They organize workflows and streamline processes using the Resolve solution to set up secure organizational networks with decreased vulnerabilities and less chance of security breaches. 

What are the Main NetSPI Features?

Penetration testing has always produced difficult outputs that are hard to decode for normal people. However, that's not the case with the penetration testing of NetSPI as it organizes its output in a friendly way that can be understood by clients that do not possess expertise in the field. NetSPI ensures a centralized communication system through Resolve which is essential for vulnerability management. Vulnerability management reports are also important to update clients about the progress of operations. Real-time reporting with dynamic dashboards ensures that. The analytical data are presented in simpler forms to remediate priorities.

What are the Top NetSPI Benefits?

NetSPI offers penetration testing and vulnerability management services that benefit the customers in these ways:

  • Helps them determine the vulnerabilities in their networks
  • Gives them a way to deal with vulnerabilities in an automated environment
  • Ride them of reliance on manual vulnerability management
  • Enhanced network security
  • Brilliant and easy-to-use features
  • Reliable analytics

How Much Does NetSPI Cost? 

NetSPI has different plans for its penetration testing and vulnerability management services. These pricing plans differ in field types which makes it difficult to discuss all of them. Generally, the pricing of NetSPI is highly reasonable when compared to industrial standards quantitatively and qualitatively. 

Company:NetSPI LLC.

NetSPI Pricing

Penetration Testing Services
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NetSPI Key Features

Cybersecurity Features
  • Network Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Wireless Security
  • Firewall
  • Encryption
  • Filtering
  • Threat Hunting
  • Incident Response & Remediation
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Orchestration and Automation Response (SOAR)
  • Security Operations Center (SOC)
Reporting & Analytics
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Threat Analytics
  • Risk Scoring
  • Device Analytics
  • Blockchain Testing
Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC)
  • Business Continuity Management
NetSPI Features Details

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