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Logi Symphony Reviews & Overview

What is Logi Symphony?

Logi Symphony is an embedded analytics and business intelligence solution from Insight Software. A strong tool that aids firms in making sense of their data, it offers the ability to link to many different data sources, including cloud-based services, databases as well as worksheets. Logi Symphony can create dynamic visualizations and dashboards from connected data, which can then be used to monitor important parameters, spot trends, and enable wise business judgments.

Even those without technological knowledge can easily use Logi Symphony. Visualizations can be easily created and customized using the platform's drag-and-drop interface. The platform is additionally capable of managing massive amounts of data and executing intricate calculations in real time. This means that organizations don't need to worry about the size or complexity of their data in order to rapidly gain insights.

Company:insightsoftware Inc.

Logi Symphony Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 30 April 2023

DundasBI Review

Overall, my experience with Dundas BI has been excellent. I have used several other visualization products in the past, but have not been able to achieve the same results that I have with Dundas BI. Its flexibility and customizability are truly exceptional. Additionally, the customer service team is always responsive and helpful, and there is a Dundas community forum available to address any questions.

  • What I find most appealing about Dundas BI is its high level of flexibility.
  • This product is incredibly adaptable, allowing you to fulfill nearly any of your data requirements within its framework.
  • If the user interface doesn't meet your needs, you can utilize customized scripting to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Dundas BI also features a Python Analysis transform that enables you to write Python scripts for data analysis.
  • Implementing different dashboard actions or passing parameters has never been simpler.
  • While it may take some time to learn all the features of the product, Dundas BI offers a range of training videos for new customers, as well as additional videos to enhance your knowledge of the application.

Reviewed on 21 March 2023

Logi Symphony Pricing

Logi Symphony - Embedded Analytics
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Logi Symphony Key Features

Data Management
  • Data Classification
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Refresh
  • Data Lookup
  • Data Blending
  • Data Mapping
  • Data Feed
  • Database Maintenance
Data Migration
  • Data Import
  • Data Export
Reporting & Analytics
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Tree Maps
  • Forecasting
  • Data Visualization
  • Dashboard
  • Query Tables
  • Data Analytics
  • Heatmaps
  • Database Analytics
Logi Symphony Features Details

Logi Symphony Media

Logi Symphony Wheelhouse Score

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The Average Wheelhouse score for the Business Intelligence category is 8.2

Logi Symphony Scores

  • Ease of Use
  • Meets Requirements
  • Learning Curve
  • Setup & Support
  • Quality of Support
  • Ease of Admin

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