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What is F5?

F5 Networks, commonly known as F5, is a leading provider of application delivery networking (ADN) technology. The company offers various solutions that help organizations efficiently deliver applications and secure their network infrastructure. With its innovative products and services, F5 enables businesses to optimize the performance, availability, and security of their applications, whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

One of F5's flagship products is the BIG-IP platform, which serves as a comprehensive application delivery controller (ADC). The BIG-IP ADC offers advanced traffic management capabilities, ensuring that applications are delivered quickly, reliably, and securely to end-users. It also provides load balancing, SSL offloading, and application acceleration features, which help optimize application performance and enhance user experience.

F5 also offers security solutions to protect against cyber threats and safeguard sensitive data. The company's security offerings include web application firewalls (WAFs), which provide application layer protection against various attacks, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

F5's Access Policy Manager (APM) allows organizations to securely manage user access to applications and enforce granular access policies, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access sensitive information. In addition to its product portfolio, F5 provides various services to help customers implement and optimize their solutions. These services include consulting, training, and support, ensuring that organizations can effectively leverage F5's technologies to meet their specific business needs.

F5 has established itself as a trusted partner for many enterprises and service providers worldwide. Its solutions are widely adopted across various industries, including finance, healthcare, government, and e-commerce. 

F5 Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 11 October 2023

Most effective WAF

A complete and effective web application firewall, F5 BIG-IP Advanced WAF offers great defense against a variety of threats, including DoS attacks, OWASP vulnerabilities, and bot traffic. It has a fantastic natural interface, is simple to set up, and has solid performance.

  • Easy to configure, intuitive interface and great performance.
  • None.

Reviewed on 17 August 2023

Complete End-to-End Security, Easy Deployment, and Industry-Leading Protection

A robust and effective tool for controlling and optimizing application security is F5 BIG-IP Advanced WAF. Any firm can benefit from the module because the F5 team regularly upgrades it to handle the most recent threats. However, it would be helpful to have more documentation on best practices and industry focus.

  • Efficient, great support team and easy to deploy.
  • Documentation is not available on best practices.

F5 Pricing

F5 Security Solutions
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F5 Key Features

Cybersecurity Features
  • Network Security
  • Data Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Web Security
  • Email Security
  • Gateway Security
  • Server Security
  • Wireless Security
  • Firewall
  • Encryption
  • Threat Hunting
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Threat Library
  • Incident Triage
  • Incident Response & Remediation
  • Log Management
  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
Cybersecurity Protection Types
  • Antivirus
  • DDoS Protection
  • Anti-Malware
  • Anti-Ransomware
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Anti-Spam
  • Exfiltration Prevention
  • Bot Mitigation
  • Zero-Day Mitigation
Reporting & Analytics
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Breach Assessments
  • Perimeter Assessments
  • Threat Analytics
  • Device Analytics
  • Server Assessments
  • Network Assessments
  • IoT Assessments
  • Infrastructure Assessments
  • VPN Assessments
  • Threat Modeling
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The Average Wheelhouse score for the Cybersecurity category is 8.2

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