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Reveal(x) 360 Reviews & Overview

What is Reveal(x) 360?

ExtraHop is a network detection platform that ensures swift replies to advanced cybersecurity threats. ExtraHop has served as a game-changer in countering cybersecurity threats. The software ensures network detection, swift responses, and detailed insights into networks. ExtraHop has been widely famous for its effective response and detection system.

What is ExtraHop Used For? 

ExtraHop is commonly and majorly used to ensure cybersecurity. It uses cloud-native cybersecurity solutions to detect advanced threats and ensure effective responses to those threats. It is one of the best software that offers quick and effective intelligent responses to downplay the existing threats.

ExtraHop is also used to detect and counter threats in IoT ecosystems. The software is one of the most reliable applications used to ensure the safety of IoT ecosystems that are pivotal for the existence and longevity of business outfits. Thus, ExtraHop is used to satisfy cybersecurity threats that pose existential threats to businesses.

ExtraHop can be used to counter threats posed to the cloud, hybrid, and distributed systems. The platform is used because of its advanced features that are primarily hard to crack and outsmart. All in all, ExtraHop is an appreciable platform providing cybersecurity solutions. 

What are the Top ExtraHop Features? 

Many platforms acquired generalized data analytics systems to detect threats. However, such systems don't have an accurate comprehension of the existing threats. Due to this, ExtraHop uses behavior-based analytics that excels in ensuring an accurate overview of real-time threats rather than misleading analysis. ExtraHop has another unique and smooth feature of Remote Site Visibility.

ExtraHop provides an essential display feature on remote devices along with cloud access. Apart from network and threat detection, ExtraHop applies layer discovery to IoT ecosystems to keep them safe from potential threats. Many software has runny systems that stunt the functional capacity of the system.

However, ExtraHop has commendable updating capability. Detector's feeds and profiles are updated in a jiffy which makes the usage tension-free. Rather than SIEM, ExtraHop uses the Network Detection and Response (NDR) which is an effective system to detect and respond to threats.

What are the Main Benefits of ExtraHop?

ExtraHop provides numerous benefits to its users that are rarely found in other software. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Excellent Visibility that eradicates all the blind spots and provides smooth management of devices
  • Real-Time detection features that command accurate threat detection for cybersecurity
  • Eliminate the threats through effective intelligence response
  • Reliable enterprise IoT security solutions
  • Cloud-Native reliable cybersecurity solutions
  • Reduces losses for businesses through timely threat detection and response

How Much Does ExtraHop Cost? 

ExtraHop has various pricing plans for different solutions. Some solutions have free trials because of which it is easier to first use the service and then decide to continue with it based on the performance. However, some solutions do not offer a free trial. ExtraHop has a decent and affordable pricing strategy when viewed in perspective to its excellent features and numerous benefits. Therefore, if you're looking for security solutions, you don't want to miss out on this one! 

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Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Contextual Authentication
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Contextual Authentication
Password Management
  • Password Strength Check
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