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Emplotime Reviews & Overview

What is Emplotime?

Emplotime is an all-in-one time tracking solution that is compatible with a variety of devices. From smartphones to tablets, use Emplotime so your staff can conveniently clock in or out, while also managing other aspects such as overtime and break deductions. 

Emplotime is also equipped with geofencing and buddy punch lockouts, to maintain the integrity of time tracking. With a flat rate and the ability to maintain unlimited clocking devices, the solution is versatile yet scalable.


Emplotime Pricing

Emplotime Time Tracking
per employee / per month
Emplotime Pricing Details

Emplotime Key Features

Reporting & Analytics
  • Time Summary
  • Time Off Reports
  • Overtime Reports
  • Time Tracking
  • Geographical Reporting
  • Administrator Management
  • Administrator Console
Customizable Items
  • Custom Reports
Free Resources/Discounts
  • Free Trial
  • Clock-In/Clock-Out Alerts
After-Sales Service
  • Phone Support
  • Technical Support
  • Email Support
Clock-In/Clock-Out Options
  • PIN Code
  • Biometric
  • Dial-In/Dial-Out
Attendance Management
  • Overtime Management
  • Break Management
  • Time Off Management
Collaboration Tools
  • Notes
Supported Devices/Hardware
  • Time Clocks
Emplotime Features Details

Emplotime Media

Emplotime Wheelhouse Score

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The Average Wheelhouse score for the Time and Attendance category is 7.4

  • Ease of Use
  • Meets Requirements

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