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McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection—Business by Intel is an on-premise endpoint security solution for businesses of all sizes. It offers anti-malware protection, mobile security, data loss prevention, intrusion detection and prevention and web and email security within a suite. McAfee Endpoint...

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An excellent protection tool for the enterprise

For a complete security package for the entire company from all threats from any possible direction, this is a great protection tool. There is protection for all actions over the Internet or even the internal network that connects different machines. It protects the individual machine from all threats from emails, files, other computers, hackers and websites, etc. It also protects the entire network from all ends, internally and external threats as well. It is complete, updated and works seamlessly in the background. It is easy to manage despite being such a comprehensive product. In short, it is one of the best, if not the best security options that are out there. It is expensive, but then it is really a solution for an enterprise. Some files and software require special permission to open and use, which can be annoying, but a price for protection. The system slows down, and the PCs especially do experience a slower relaunch time.

I find Mcafee good

A cost-effective, simple and flexible app. I don’t like auto re-start and pop-ups.

From the home of Trend Micro, Worry-Free Business Security is the ideal security suite for companies looking to deploy a comprehensive yet easily deployable solution. Monitor which websites your employees visit and block unsafe ones, so your internal networks can be preserved.

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