The core of medium-sized businesses within the field service industry is centered around mobile workers, their connection to operations and, at the end of the day, customer service levels that guarantee repeat business or that much needed referral. How are you currently managing, scheduling and communicating with your field? Once you start to look at your current operation methods, the opportunity for adopting a technological solution will become rapidly apparent. This free white paper from ClickSoftware will help you start to peel back the layers, and you may discover pains and opportunities for improvement that you didn’t even realize existed.

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In today's always-on, uber-connected society, businesses can't afford to close. And, why would you? With the advent of technology, you can hire a team of mobile-remote personnel who can work around the clock for you, whether it be customer service, sales or IT. However, there can be some issues around management. Since the staff is not in-house, how do you monitor their performance without having to micro-manage? The good news is there are multiple options and tools for you to use.

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