Managed service providers (MSPs) come in all shapes and sizes. Many start out offering break/fix services—when someone’s IT breaks, these IT service providers try to fix the issue. This is a purely reactive model. On the other end of the spectrum are businesses providing fully managed services. These businesses place customers on recurring contracts that include ongoing maintenance and monitoring. This is a proactive model. Most MSP businesses offer a combination of both break/fix and managed services contracts. 

There are major benefits to landing on the proactive end of the spectrum. As a result, many MSPs try to add more managed services customers to their client roster as they grow. However, this isn’t simply a matter of selling to clients and winning more contracts—MSPs also need the right tools to serve these customers (and efficiently manage the business as the same time). If you want the right tools in place, you should start by looking for an RMM platform that integrates seamlessly with a solid ticketing or PSA solution.

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