Five Fundamentals for Omni-Channel Commerce Success


Commerce is one of numerous customer-facing teams within a business. The others include sales, customer service, and marketing. The mission of commerce is to make it easy for customers to fill their shopping carts, make their purchases, and come back to purchase again. In short, commerce designs, builds, facilitates, and maintains the architecture of sales.

Today, the marketplace is undergoing a transformation toward individualized consumerization, and commerce needs to become real-time and more customer-centric: processes must now be omni-channel and agile for individualized procedures.

In this ebook, SAP details the top fundamentals for a successful omni-channel commerce. Learn how to:

  •  Be buyer-centric and make B2B like B2C
  •  Simplify commerce processes and transactions
  •  Integrate and unify existing channels
  •  Gain new business opportunities through data

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