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ThreatConnect Reviews & Overview

What is ThreatConnect?

ThreatConnect is a leading Cybersecurity platform that offers comprehensive tools for Cyber Risk Quantification, Threat Intelligence, and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR).

Using ThreatConnect, you can handle your operational support platform with more ease, make informed decisions in risk management, and align your entire security lifecycle to reduce risk, mitigate threats, and automate responses for enhanced cybersecurity protection.

What is ThreatConnect Used For? 

ThreatConnect can be used to increase cybersecurity defenses and response with tools for risk quantification, threat intelligence, and security automation.

With ThreatConnect, you can align all aspect of your cybersecurity in one powerful platform which will minimize silos among your teams and help streamline security processes for optimal protections.

ThreatConnect can be used for:

  • Reducing the complexity of your cybersecurity with integrated threat and response tools
  • Improving risk management decisions with risk quantification capabilities to understand threat severity and risk levels.
  • Enhancing defenses with threat intelligence and risk quantification
  • Streamlining and centralizing processes to improve security and incorporate automations.

What Features Does ThreatConnect Offer?

ThreatConnect provides robust features and tools for effectively managing cybersecurity, identifying threats, and automating security protections and risk responses. The top features from ThreatConnect include:

Cyber Risk Quantification

Cyber Risk Quantification is the process of evaluating the potential financial impact of a cyber threat, and ThreatConnect provides tools to:

  • Go beyond risk management by understanding the possible financial loss that a cyber threat can cause – as opposed to just referring to a risk score.
  • Enable security teams to narrow down on which threats to tackle first, based on the level of possible financial loss –especially when many threats show a high-risk score at the same time.
  • Explain cyber risk to executive higher-ups in simple terms, by using numbers to quantify the possible financial loss that can be caused by a threat.

Threat Intelligence

Threat Connect offers advanced Threat Intelligence to help companies create records of existing and potential cyber threats to best understand an attacker’s strategy, target and motive.

  • Predict a cyber attacker’s next moves by using Threat Intel data as a reference – so proactive defenses can be created.
  • Analyze root causes of a cyber attack by obtaining information on the who/what/why/when/how of an incident.
  • Develop security roadmaps for your organization by assessing Threat Intel data, based on business factors such as industry, company size and customers.

Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR)

SOAR is an integrated system which manages cyber threats by responding to and remediating incidents – through automation.

ThreatConnect provides tools for SOAR, including:

  • Decrease response and remediation times by automatically validating threats with a variety of metrics.
  • Identify trends and patterns between multiple cases, by automatically grouping related data.
  • One central location for all security operations, which also includes threat intelligence and case management.

How Much Does ThreatConnect Cost?

ThreatConnect provides demos and consultations to help you understand their complete feature offering and create a cybersecurity platform that fits your needs. The pricing for ThreatConnect will depend on which tools and apps you want to incorporate and can be scaled to protect systems and devices depending on your company size and needs. 

You can customize your platform based on products needed and you can also look at role-based security offerings, protections required by role, overall business needs, or specific use cases and specifications to build out a streamline security system for your company.

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