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What is Polaris?

Synopsys is an electronic design automation and application security company which has its headquarters in Calif. Synopsys technology is changing our lives through innovation of software that directly impacts our routine. This smart era is like none the human history has experienced before, we now have autonomous cars, the Internet of Things, smart medical examination devices and wearables, smart home systems and secure financial services.

Breakthroughs such as machine learning have made machines around us so much smarter and led to greater interconnectivity and an even greater need for security. Synopsys is a major contributor in silicon chip design. Silicon chips power the above-mentioned smart era wonders. Besides silicon chip design, Synopsys also deals with IP integration, application security testing and verification, and enables users to innovate and create chips and systems that improve our everyday lives.

What is Synopsys Used For?

Synopsys, Inc. is widely used in the electronic design automation industry for providing software products and consulting services. The main segments that Synopsis operates through are Semiconductor and System Design, and Software Integrity. Moreover, the firm offers intellectual property products such as pre-designed circuits that are a part of larger chips.

The technological products and solutions offered by Synopsis are used in several industries and a wide range of applications. You will find them being deployed in the energy sector, electronics, self-driven cars, artificial intelligence AI-enabled smart devices, etc. The firm boasts a vast portfolio of semiconductor intellectual property, software security tools, and silicon chips which it designs as well as verifies.

What are the Top Synopsys Features?

Synopsys Inc., has a team of experts who continuously monitor and optimize new tools and technologies and ensure timely testing of applications to future proof them against security risks. Its Managed AppSec Testing assessments allow its users cost-effectiveness, scalability and testing flexibility to enable them in their risk management goals. Top features of Synposis are on-demand testing, higher fidelity of testing, high capacity to handle variable demands, and access to experts in application security.

With on-demand testing, it is easy for users to schedule tests and change schedules to address evolving changing business requirements and threats. Not only that, Synopsys users have reported higher fidelity of tests and every test is reviewed by an application security expert who carefully analyzes its results and provides guidance.  

What are the Main Synopsys Benefits?

The main Synopsys benefits are its comprehensiveness, consistency, coverage, enablement of a workable plan, greater flexibility and scalable testing. Synopsis offers a blend of tool-based assessment and manual assessment which includes detailed reporting and result analysis. Its products are known for delivering consistent quality through frequent testing. Moreover, Synopsis helps you develop a remediation plan that suits your business needs and lets you schedule and modify testing depending on your evolving business requirements.

How Much Does Synopsys Cost?

Synopsys pricing varies based on your business needs and the complexity of securing your applications. To incorporate Synopsis technologies in your business practices, you may reach out for a custom quote based on your business needs.

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