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NetWitness Endpoint Reviews & Overview

What is NetWitness Endpoint?

RSA is an endpoint and network security company providing security software solutions that are key to ensuring digital security, whatever your digital transformation may be. Founded in 1982, it has since then provided technology that addresses all your risk and security challenges.

NetWitness is a popular RSA product used for efficiently detecting threats and malware attacks, across all your endpoints, whether they are virtual machines, servers, or PCs. This provides complete network visibility that brilliantly maintains your Endpoint Security.

What is RSA Used For?

If you are worried about your machine's EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response), NetWitness - an RSA business - is the perfect solution to maintain your endpoint security. It doesn't matter if you are on network or off network, RSA's NetWitness provides complete visibility into your machine's states, monitoring every activity on all of your machine’s endpoints. 

Picking RSA for providing your machine with full Endpoint Security means you reduce the scope, time, and cost of the endpoint’s incident response. RSA is the right EDR solution to choose, as it provides you with rapid and efficient detection of non-malware attacks and threats. When you are choosing one of the best EDR solutions, you are gaining a simplified data collection of all your endpoints, while conducting effective and rapid forensic investigations.

What Are The Top RSA Features?

RSA’s 4 major products include NetWitness Platform, SecurID Suite, Archer Suite, and Outsider Fraud and Risk Intelligence Suite. With these 4 promising products, you are capable of detecting and responding to threats and attacks on your machine’s endpoints, managing identity, access, and integrated risk, and preventing Omnichannel fraud.

These products offer capabilities as follows:

  • Evolved SIEM
  • XDR (Extended Detection and Response)
  • Log Monitoring and Management
  • Network Detection and Response
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Security Orchestration and Automation
  • UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics)
  • Multi-factor Authentication

What are the Main RSA Benefits?

Choosing RSA is the best solution to your machine’s endpoint security. The key benefits include unrivaled visibility, quick and precise analyst productivity, advanced and faster threat detection, and behavior analytics from the cloud. The major benefit is how NetWitness combines all of these benefits in a single solution for you.

How Much Does RSA Cost?

RSA offers a variety of pricing packages and plans for your ease. You can choose the pricing package that best suits your system demands and security needs. If you’re not completely sure about investing in an RSA product, you can try out a free trial of a specific RSA service. RSA’s SecurID offers a free version as well as a premium package.

On the other hand, RSA’s NetWitness platform offers services at throughput-based pricing. It is available in monthly as well as perpetual subscriptions. The support subscription is included in both plans. 

Regardless of your system’s security demands, RSA is there to help effectively secure your machine.

Company:RSA Security LLC

NetWitness Endpoint Pricing

NetWitness Endpoint - Endpoint Security
per user / per month
NetWitness Endpoint Pricing Details

NetWitness Endpoint Key Features

Reporting & Analytics
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Threat Analytics
  • Breach Assessments
  • Alerts
  • Update/Patch Management
Cybersecurity Protection Types
  • Anti-Malware
  • Offline Protection
  • Incident Response & Remediation
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Threat Hunting
  • Attack Surface Monitoring
  • Filtering
  • Network Security
  • Data Security
Application Management
  • Application Control
Network Management
  • Network Control
  • Network Discovery
Device Management
  • Device Control
NetWitness Endpoint Features Details

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