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Keyfactor Control Reviews & Overview

What is Keyfactor Control?

Keyfactor is an IoT Security solution with over 500 customers around the globe. Keyfactor is trusted by industry leaders like Levi’s, Rackspace, Marathon, American Family Insurance, Tyson, and EQ bank. Founded by Ted Shorter and Kevin von Keyserling in 2001 Keyfactor started as a professional services company giving consultation to Fortune 500 companies.

In 2014, however, Keyfactor shifted from services to software. The co-founders realized that the existing solutions weren’t enough for the management of the rapidly growing keys and digital certificates. The result was the creation of a cloud-delivered solution that combined PKI as-a-service and certificate lifecycle automation.

What Is Keyfactor Used For?

Keyfactor is an IoT security technology that is used to find, control, and automate machines. With Keyfactor you can take back the control and become crypto-agile. The software helps you achieve end-to-end visibility and automation across all your machine identities. Using Keyfactor, you no longer have to worry about misused, expired, and unknown keys, as it lets you take back control over your machines.

What Are the Top Keyfactor Features?

Keyfactor has created a purpose-built end-to-end IoT identity platform called Keyfactor Control using which manufacturers can build, deliver, and maintain connected devices. Following are some of the top features of the platform that make it a leader in IoT security:

  • Light-weight IoT SDK
  • Symmetric and asymmetric keys for device identity and data encryption
  • Remote update of device certificates, keys, and roots of trust
  • Segmentation of impacted devices
  • Easy re-issuance of updated credentials
  • Encryption and protection of data, at-rest, and in-transit
  • Embedded libraries integration such as OpenSSL and wolfSSL
  • On-device key generation
  • Code signing and digital signature

What Are the Main Keyfactor Benefits?

Keyfactor has a customer-centric approach to business and is driven by the core values of trust, agility, and teamwork. Driven by these values Keyfactor is dedicated to modernizing your PKI, preventing certificate outages, and accelerating security. Following are some of the main benefits of using Keyfactor:

  • Keyfactor is simple. Keyfactor has simplified PKI by eliminating repetitive tasks. Moreover, it has also eliminated the need for costly infrastructure by enabling self-service certificate automation for enterprise teams that do not have expertise in PKI.
  • Keyfactor is not a cloud-only, but a cloud-first platform. The modular cloud-first approach enables users to deploy quickly without having to pay a per-certificate fee.
  • Keyfactor is agile. Keyfactor allows its users to integrate with the best available technology, thus making sure that the users are keeping up with the rapid change in the world of technology.
  • Keyfactor is budget-friendly. The over-the-air updates and remote management reduce the cost of device management.

How Much Does Keyfactor Cost?

Keyfactor does not mention the price of its solutions on the website. The pricing really depends on what service you are looking to get. If you are interested in benefitting from Keyfactor, you can fill out a simple form on Keyfactor’s website and request a demo. The demo will give you an architectural view of the platform and the use cases that fit the needs of your organization. 


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Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • User Provisioning/Deprovisioning
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  • Azure
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