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Illumio Edge Reviews & Overview

What is Illumio Edge?

Illumio, the leading cloud computing company providing security services, is an expert in providing effective solutions for your company’s Zero Trust demands. Illumio delivers an excellent Zero Trust solution to help your organizations gain confidence and evolve with digital technology while remaining secure and protected. Illumio’s main aim is to prevent cyber disasters from harming your firm by discovering your risks, isolating the potential breaches, and thus securing your sensitive data with complete prioritization. Due to its expertise in Zero Trust Segmentation, Illumio has successfully acquired 15+ Fortune 100 companies, and it safeguards 2M+ workloads.

What is Illumio Used For?

If you are in search of expert endpoint security solutions, Illumio is the right pick for you. Illumio’s three top initiative solutions are as follows:

  • Zero Trust Segmentation
  • Ransomware Containment
  • Zero Trust Security

When you choose Illumio for your security needs, you gain an advantage in several industries. Illumio caters to Airlines, Financial Services, Law Firma, Federal, Healthcare, and the Retail industry. For your ease and understanding of the use of Illumio Solutions, it also categorizes its solutions by risk and compliance such as SWIFT and PCI. 

What Are The Top Illumio Features?

Illumio offers three main products including Workload security, endpoint security, and cloud security. For your firm’s endpoint security needs, Illumio offers Illumio Edge which is the perfect product to provide zero trust to your system’s endpoints. Illumio Edge has six top features as follows:

  • Default containment
  • Zero trust endpoints
  • Visibility and user enforcement
  • Invisible access control
  • EDR and endpoint security’s trusty companion
  • The policy model is completely painless
  • Causes no extra load to your system
  • Does not disrupt the business
  • Stays out of sight of users
  • Cloud-based performance
  • Complete visualization of network traffic
  • Dashboard for communications insight

These features make your organization resilient and powerful in the face of endpoint threats and vulnerabilities. Illumio Edge expertly safeguards you against malware attacks and ransomware attacks. 

What are the Main Illumio Benefits?

The best part about choosing Illumio for your endpoint security is its expertise in Zero Trust Segmentation. Illumio Edge’s key benefits include default blocked inbound traffic, firewall coexistence enabled, remote work mode with wireless networks, by default allowed outbound traffic, and policy customization per the specific endpoint. Illumio Edge expertly multiplies your endpoint security and its structure and enhances the overall performance. Three main benefits of Illumio Edge by Illumio are as follows:

  • Performance and productivity are not reduced due to the size of the solution platform
  • Preventive containment 
  • Authorized critical and business services are allowed only

Illumio provides you with 24/7 support during the deployment and expert training. The training is provided with ease in mind through online, in-person, webinars, videos, and documentation. 

How Much Does Illumio Cost?

Illumio pricing details are not made public, but you can easily contact the vendor and request a quote according to your business requirements. The best part is that Illumio offers you free trials and has based its pricing model on features. 


Illumio Edge Pricing

Illumio Edge
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Illumio Edge Key Features

  • Policy Management
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • User Provisioning/Deprovisioning
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
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