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Fusion SIEM Reviews & Overview

What is Fusion SIEM?

Exabeam is a cybersecurity and compliance company that specializes in extended detection and response (XDR), and security information and event management (SIEM). In 2019, Exabeam made it to the Forbes list of the top 100 best cloud companies in the world. In the same year Exabeam also won the SC award for the best SIEM solution and in 2021 Exabeam was pronounced the winner of the Cyber Security Excellence Award.

The company is also a big proponent of diversity and inclusion and has created the Exabeam CommUNITY Council to meet this end. Exabeam is trusted by some of the leading organizations in the world, including Procter and Gamble, Levi’s, Femsa, Wood Forest Bank, Kelsey Seybold Clinic, Swedbank, NTT Data, and Deakin University. 

What is Exabeam Used For?

Exabeam is used to get real-time analysis of security alerts using a combination of security information management and security event management. This includes protection against compromised and malicious insiders and external threats. Moreover, Exabeams also help companies stay compliant with industry-leading standards.

The industries that Exabeam serves include financial services, healthcare, higher education, manufacturing, and government. 

What Are the Top Exabeam Features?

The two main products offered by Exabeam include Fusion SIEM and Fusion XDR. The best part is that you can unify these two products to get a truly modern SecOps solution. Talking about Exabeam Fusion SIEM, it is a cloud-based software that provides you security by leveraging automated threat detection, investigation, and response. Following are some of the top features of the product:

  • Cloud connectors
  • More than 500 integrations
  • Rule tags
  • Predefined data sources
  • MITTRE ATT&CK mapping
  • Watchlists
  • Incident checklists
  • Data insight models
  • Threat hunting search library
  • Turnkey playbooks

What are the Main Exabeam Benefits?

Exabeam is one of the leading security information and event management solutions in the industry. Following are the main Exabeam benefits.

With Exabeam you can get complete visibility whenever and wherever you need it. The rapid guided search offered by Fusion SIEM, boosts productivity and ensures immediate access to the data. Using Exabeam products you do not have to worry about any compliance issues as Exabeam’s compliance package includes PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, NYDFS, NERC, and GDPR.

On top of that Exabeam provides unmatched threat detection by leveraging machine learning to detect, investigate, and respond to threats that are often missed by other tools. Exabeam’s is great at reducing alert fatigue and boosting productivity for SOC operations and lets you achieve successful outcomes with threat-centric use case packages. 

How Much Does Exabeam Cost?

The cost of Exabeam’s products Exabeam Fusion SIEM and Exabeam Fusion XDR can vary depending on the complexity of your business and security needs. Exabeam will give you a demo and let you see the solution in action. The pricing of the product will depend on the size of your company and your needs. So once you see the demo, you can get a quote for your company.







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