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Defendify Reviews & Overview

What is Defendify?

Defendify is an all-in-one cybersecurity solution which focuses on 3 key layers, in order to provide holistic protection. Starting from plans and policies, the solution goes deeper to address employee awareness, while providing a security framework that’s replete with all the components needed to deliver complete protection.

Analytics capabilities from Defendify are comprehensive enough to offer your team a bird’s eye perspective of what’s going on at any given point in time, so both instant remediation and preventative action can be carried out for further strengthening your company’s security perimeter.


Defendify Pricing

Defendify Cybersecurity Platform
per user / per month
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Defendify Key Features

Support Features
  • Telephone Support
  • Email Support
  • Online Chat
Core Features
  • Endpoint Security
  • Virus Protection
  • Malware Protection
  • Compliance
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Device Control
  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Dashboards
  • Web Protection
  • Exploit Mitigation
  • Ransomware Mitigation
  • Policy Management
  • Cloud Protection
  • Network Security
  • Security Management
  • Server Security
  • Firewall
  • Email Protection
  • Password Security Enforcement
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Threat Alerts
  • Threat Monitoring
  • Adversary Simulation (Red Teaming)
Automation Technologies
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Defendify Features Details

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Defendify Reviews

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