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DataSunrise Reviews & Overview

What is DataSunrise?

DataSunrise, Inc is a private corporation with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The company is the creator of data-centric high-performance software focused on data security. DataSunrise has both in the cloud and on-premises solutions for data security providing a homogenous security experience in heterogeneous environments. The supported databases include SQL databases like MySQL, Oracle, IBM Informix, Snowflake, YugaByte, and GoogleCloud SQL, and noSQL databases like Apache Cassandra, Scylla, Elasticsearch, MongoDB Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon DocumentDB. 

The technology partnerships of DataSunrise include Security Competency, Microsoft Workloads, AWS Outposts, Amazon Linux 2, and Marketplace Seller. The industries that are benefitting from the solutions provided by DataSunrise include the education industry, retail industry, financial services industry, and health care industry. 

What Is DataSunrise Used For?

DataSunrise is used to secure your sensitive data across platforms including in the clouds, on-premises, and in hybrid environments. The database security solutions provided by DataSunrise include activity monitoring, database firewall, dynamic data masking, static data masking compliance with industry standards and security policies, sensitive data recovery, and vulnerability assessment. Using DataSunrise you can rest assured of non-intrusive deployment, compliance with industry standards and security policies, and real-time protection of data from external and insider threats. 

What Are the Top DataSunrise Features?

DataSunrise Data security solutions can be deployed in the cloud and on-premises. It provides an automated infrastructure deployment and terraforms support. With the central management system, you can secure your database on all the major cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. It provides real-time data security with easy integrations with the cloud platform and the 3rd party SIEMs. The DataSunrise firewall provides granular security control over the activity in the database and the user behaviors to prevent all kinds of internal and external attacks.

What Are the Main DataSunrise Benefits?

DataSunrise helps in securing a configuration posture of the database with CIS Benchmarks guidance and DISA STIGS. It also provides real-time tracking of all user actions with timely reporting and analytics to discover a possible data breach. 

DataSunrise ensures compliance with national and international regulatory requirements including HIPPA, PCI DSS, SOX, and GLBA. The databases DataSunrise works with include SQL, NoSQL, and the file system it uses is the Amazon S3 file system. Overall, DataSunrise is an effective data security architecture based on the principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. 

How Much Does DataSunrise Cost?

The data and database security solutions offered by DataSunrise are available on the following marketplaces: Microsoft Marketplace, Dockerhub Marketplace, Google Cloud Console, and AWS Marketplace. Some of the DataSunrise solutions are available with hourly billing and some have a fixed cost.

However, like most other software companies DataSunrise also offers custom prices for its solutions based on the business needs of the customer. Even though you can buy DataSunrise solutions from the marketplaces mentioned before, these marketplaces do require you to have a license which you are solely responsible for purchasing directly from DataSunrise, Inc. The marketplaces do not charge any license fee.


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