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ClicData Reviews & Overview

What is ClicData?

ClicData offers a powerful, 100% cloud-based analytics and BI tools that can be customized to benefit any business.

ClicData provides a high performance database, hundreds of connectors to get your data into it and the tools to clean the data into any format you need. They also offer a dashboard designer with lots of data viz widgets and then the ability to share those dashboards securely with anyone.

ClicData contains key BI features such as:

  • Live dashboards and alerts
  • Smart data warehouse
  • Smart connectors
  • 250+ data sources
  • Scheduled data syncs
  • Automated alerts, tools, and reports
  • Secure data sharing


ClicData Pricing

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ClicData Key Features

Support Features
  • Email Support
  • Online Chat
  • In-Person Training
Analytics Features
  • Data Integration
  • API
  • Activity Log
Reporting Features
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Export Reports
  • Notifications
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ClicData Reviews

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