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Blumira Reviews & Overview

What is Blumira?

Blumira is an all-in-one cloud security solution for small teams. Blumira offers the industry’s only free cloud SIEM with detection and response which deploys in minutes. Blumira’s team has more than 20 years of experience in defending networks including ethical hacking to help organizations understand the attacker's mindset better and thus prepare a better defense. 

What Is Blumira Used For?

Blumira is a cloud security platform used for advanced threat detection, and guided threat response. Blumira can be deployed in minutes giving you access to a fully operational cloud SIEM in minutes. Blumira provides both cloud and on-premises coverage performs behavior-based detection of threats and reduces alert fatigue through automated activation of pre-tuned rules. The firewall integrations offered by Blumira allow users to block known threats and the pre-built playbook makes the threat response time much shorter. 

What Are the Top Blumira Features?

Blumira’s cloud security solution is easy to deploy with all the major cloud environments like AWS, Azure, Google WorkSpace, and Microsoft 365. It works for teams of any size or level of security expertise handling cloud security. Its Endpoint Security detects a malware, or blacklisted applications and processes within the network to protect from any potential security risk like a data breach, ransomware, or data loss. Blumira is an effective tool to meet the requirements of all the major compliances like CIS Critical Security Controls Version 8, CMMC Compliance, FFIEC Compliance, NIST 800-53, HIPAA Compliance, and PCI DSS Compliance.

What Are the Main Blumira Benefits?

Blumira cloud SIEM provides automated threat detection solutions for the industries of State and Local Government Cybersecurity, Industrial (ICS/OT) Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity for Financial Services, Healthcare Security, and Retail. Its cloud-based security leverages artificial intelligence to monitor behavioral analytics to detect and prevent any unwanted access to your network.

You can easily access data and insights with predefined and compliance incorporated global reports. One of the main benefits of Blumira is that it has all the basic Cloud SIEM features available for free across Microsoft 365. 

How Much Does Blumira Cost?

The good news for small teams with limited budgets, Blumira has a free version. The free version offers unlimited users, one cloud integration, one week of data retention, and some amazing security features like dashboard summary, rule insights, basic reporting, and of course, threat detection and response. 


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