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AlgoSec Reviews & Overview

What is AlgoSec?

Founded in 2004, AlgoSec is a software company that specializes in application delivery and network security policy management (NSPM). AlgoSec solutions work across containers, on-prem networks, and public and private clouds. Trusted by over 18000 organizations, AlgoSec has rendered its services to some of the big names in the industry including Microsoft, Intel, Addidas, HBO, Oracle, Chevron, US Bank, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

What Is AlgoSec Used For?

AlgoSec is used for network security policy management (NSPM) and fast and secure application connectivity and delivery. AlgoSec brings together the applications, the infrastructure, and the security policies to help you speed up application delivery. It helps you take control of your applications and your security policy at the same time.

The business needs AlgoSec helps fulfill include application delivery & connectivity management, data center & application migration, firewall auditing & compliance, firewall management, incident response, network segmentation, security policy change management, firewall policy cleanup & optimization, DevOps security, and security policy risk mitigation.

The industries in which AlgoSec solutions are used include the finance industry, the insurance industry, the telecommunication industry, the healthcare industry, the government, and managed security service providers. 

What Are the Top AlgoSec Features?

The products offered by AlgoSec include AlgoSec Platform, Firewall Analyzer, CloudFlow, FireFlow, and AlgoSec Cloud. Following are the top features offered by these products:

  • On-prem and in-cloud visualization of entire hybrid network security
  • What-if queries
  • Micro-segmentation
  • Intelligent chatbot
  • Compliance Identification
  • Unified view of the multi-cloud estate
  • Identification of unused rules
  • Easy onboarding
  • Zero-touch change management
  • Seamless integration with existing processes

What Are the Main AlgoSec Benefits?

By taking care of connectivity and security policies at the same time AlgoSec ensures that you can securely accelerate your application delivery. By giving users the ability to visualize the entire network AlgoSec offers the perfect balance of visibility and comprehensive management. AlgoSec ensures compliance at all times as it covers leading global regulations and corporate policies including HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, and ISO/IEC 27001. The zero-touch change management helps avoid misconfigurations by automating application connectivity and security policy changes every step of the way. 

How Much Does AlgoSec Cost?

To make sure that all your needs are met AlgoSec will provide you with a solution tailored to your business needs. This is the reason why the company does not mention any fixed prices for its solutions. If you are looking to get a network security policy management solution from AlgoSec that is tailored to your business needs, you can visit their website, fill out a simple form, and get a quote.


AlgoSec Pricing

per device / per month
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AlgoSec Key Features

Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC)
  • Regulatory Intelligence
  • Privacy Management
Reporting & Analytics
  • Cyber Attack Visualization
  • Compliance Reports
  • Segmentation/Grouping
  • Policy Management
Device Management
  • Device Identification
  • Device Identification
Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Integrations
  • Deployment
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • Firewall
Network Management
  • Network Discovery
AlgoSec Features Details

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