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Margin Minder BI from Salient is a Sales Analytics platform for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) & Retail, specifically designed to provide answers to the challenges of Sales and Distribution of CPG and FMCG. Margin Minder focuses on product performance, pricing and profit and offers built-in actionable reports such as Price for Performance – that lets you optimize pricing, Product Optimization, Portfolio Mix Optimization, Market Penetration, Traffic Tracking, Inventory Management…

Key Features

Margin Minder data mining technology helps you to get relevant data from millions of sales and product records with ease and blazing speed: Margin Minder runs on the Salient Collaborative Intelligence Suite (CIS), which delivers the fastest query response in the industry.

Margin Minder focuses heavily on pricing and profits and offers in-depth specialized reports customized for the retail and CPG industries. Margin Minder aggregates pricing data from your stores and POS, and surveys to show, store by store, whether a product’s price is right, too low for profit or too high for volume. Margin Minder also identifies the most effective frequency for promotions, measure promotions effect on related products, pinpoints under or over-performing products, and helps optimize timing for feature ads.

Margin Minder track inventory along the retail workflows, from supplier to consumer. Incorporating supply chain constraints, timing and pricing, Margin Minder lets you optimize your inventory, reduce over or under-stocks and maximize efficiency.

Employee performance can also be measure and track with the labor optimization feature. Margin Minder track performance, sales, hours worked and productivity, and lets manager optimize scheduling and shifts. Margin Minder tracks loyalty programs, so that you can see which customers, territories or stores are most profitable.

Third-party integration is easy and lets you connect various data sources and services. Some of the supported third-party services include Retail link, Census, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and Nielsen/IRI.

Margin Minder counts over 115,000 users from around the globe and achieves a 96% retention rate. Users rank Margin Minder as one of the best Business Intelligence tool for product quality and customer satisfaction.

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Margin Minder Features

Analytics Features
Ad Hoc Analysis
Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
Predictive Analytics
Trend Indicators
Self-Service Platform
Sales Analytics
Marketing Analytics
Social Analytics
Service Analytics
Yammer Analytics
Spend Analytics
Data Integration
10 Workspaces
Unlimited Data
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Workspaces
5 Workspaces
50 columns per dataset
500K Rows
Unlimited datasets
Activity Log
SSH Tunneling
Data Blending
Custom Tables
Custom Columns
Custom Fields
Custom Formulas
Real-Time Queries
Post-Query Data Transformations
SQL Editor
SQL History
Visual SQL
Schedule Queries
Saved Queries
Custom Keywords
Data Drilling
Datasets Joins
Word-to-Word Interpretation
Column Names Synonyms
Natural Language Processing
Data Mining
Augmented Analytics
Data Modeling
Planning Models
Value Driver Tree
Chart Types
Geo Maps
Automatic Optimal Chart Selection
System / Management Features
File Sharing
Multilingual Data Storage
Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC)
Forms-Based Authentication
SAML 2.0
Custom Single Sign On (SSO)
Physical Data Center Security
ISO/IEC 27001 Compliance
SSAE SOC 2 Type II Certified
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Connections
Automated Backups
Custom Logo
Collaboration Tools
Mobile App
Job Scheduling
Automatic Data Indexing
Share Visualizations
Share Dashboards
Share by Email
Hourly Data Loads
High Speed Data Loading
Group Management
User Management
International Deployment
Bring Your Own Key (BYOK)
Currency Translation
Supported Data Sources
Google Analytics
ParAccel Analytics Database
After-Sales Service
Product Guide
Margin Minder - Business Intelligence

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